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Mike Zeller Zone of Genius
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My name is Mike Zeller, and I want you to know:

Your Genes don't determine Your Genius... but your Actions will. 
For the last five years, I have been helping high achievers align their purpose with the business they want to build and the life they want to live.

My businesses (16+ ventures) have done nine figures in sales.But I have also lost over $1 million in bad business breaks, poor decisions and investments that didn't turn out the way we expected because I was playing out of position. 

To help you fast-track your learning and growth I have spent many the last five years handcrafting a remarkably powerful Framework - Zone of Genius.

Not only that, you will also learn how to play to your true strengths and create more impact and a beautiful life.

This is your time. Now is your moment
Let's get you to your Zone of Genius.

When you follow the steps shown in this training to find your Zone of Genius, you will discover:

  • Your Unique Pathway to Aligned Abundance.
  • ​Your True Strengths that you will put you in a position to create a meaningful impact
  • ​​Your Core Activities that will bring you the most amount of money and fulfillment.


Your Unique Pathway to Wealth and Fulfillment

You will find more clarity around who you are, where you are and what makes you happy. And then thoughtfully and consciously decide where you want to be. This shift will give you ultimate confidence to take your next informed steps.


Do More of What Brings You Life and less of What Brings You Death

You start feeling more energized, excited and inspired when you think about your business and you begin to focus more on the activities that are bringing in the most profit


Uncovering Your True Gifts

You will become more aware of what truly drives you and brings you joy and deep fulfillment. When you recognize your true gifts and start using it more often, it creates a profound impact on your life


Building Deeper Relationships

You will develop a greater understanding of others around you. This will help you create deeper relationships with your loved ones based on the foundations of appreciation and gratitude.


Realizing Greater Empathy and Leadership Abilities

As you consciously start realizing your gifts, you become a better leader by seeing others' uniqueness and gifts. You will inspire your tribe to take actions beyond their capabilities so that they can realize more success.


Zach Hesterberg
"What's so valuable is the amount of focus you put on your VISION."

Lindsay Schwartz
"I'm fully leaning into the things I'm uniquely good at instead of worrying about the rest of the things in my business."

Brian DeCosta
"I didn't expect to go so in depth with what specifically would help my business."

As You Can See..
Mike Zeller has already helpedCountless People 
Around The World

Zone Of Genius Program Outline

Find out how you can create a meaningful impact in this world by living a truly fulfilled and prosperous life when you operate in your Zone of Genius.

Time for you to gain more clarity on your Unique Abilities and deep dive into other personality traits that define you. 

Uncover Four Key Areas to find Your Unique Zone of Genius and start living in it EVERYDAY.

Tracking your Life Giving and Life Sucking Activities is extremely crucial in order to stay in your Zone of Genius. Stay 100% focused on your Life-Giving activities and watch the magic happen. 

This framework will enable you to identify your high leverage, top money making activities so that you can take control of your life's biggest priorities.

If You Take Action Today,
You Will Get these Bonuses!

  • BONUS #1: The Rapid Procrastination Elimination Technique: the perfect Antidote to end procrastination and get things done FAST.
  • BONUS #2: Your Genius Hiring Roadmap: How to make Great Hires and take your business to the next level
  • BONUS #3: The Zone of Genius Date: Secrets to getting your partner aligned with your zone of genius through deeper discovery and dialogue.

The Program is delivered in a private secure members area. 
Each training module contains video training modules, powerful downloadable course materials, and a visually stunning companion PDF Guide.

Who this is for

  • If you want to know your true gifts to unlock your full potential.
  • ​If you are ready to commit to becoming the best version of yourself.
  • ​If you want to create a massive impact in this world. 
  • If you want to live a fulfilled and prosperous life.
  • If your clarity on your Zone of Genius is vague at best

Who this is NOT for

  • If you are looking for a magic pill that will take you to your Zone of Genius. 
  • If you don't want to make a meaningful impact in this world.
  • ​If you don't have the time to block a few hours every week with zero distraction.
  • ​If you are NOT concerned about finding the true alignment in your life and business.

You will get some ofthe Most Effective Tools and Worksheets to help you Discover Your Zone Of Genius inside the program, when you JOIN TODAY!

  • Discover Your $10,000 per hour activity
  • The Zone of Genius Process:​ A Powerful Exercise to Finding Your Deepest Impact, Highest Fulfillment and Natural Pathway to Prosperity    
  • Precisely identify where you are a BADASS and where you SUCKASS so you can play in your Zone
  • ​How to leverage your gifts and talents to your highest impact, greatest financial return, and deepest fulfillment
  • ​Gain clarity on exactly who you need to surround yourself with so you can flourish while minimizing failure
  • ​How to step into your pathway to purpose and profit without all the frustration, risk and stress 
  • ​Create a Power Positioning Statement that reflects your genius.
  • And so much more...

The Total Value For “Zone Of Genius” 
online Program + Bonuses: $1,997.00

But you’re not going to need $1,997.00 dollars.
You’re not even going to need half of that.

To unlock your Zone of Genius, You'll barely
even need a fraction of that.

This incredible deal will only be available for a LIMITED TIME.
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